We deliver brand at every touch point, partnering with you to increase your brand capital and improve your bottom line.Good brands are adaptable, allowing for changes in the market; therefore, your branded assets may develop organically and require a multi-disciplined approach. Our consultancy, project management, procurement and production services are all under one roof giving you complete transparency and control over the deliverables and over the entire process.

Where required, we can also collaborate with your agencies, architects and designers to achieve your brand objectives.

Our knowledgeable and experienced team is passionate about the practical delivery of healthy brands to physical environments.


We partner with you to build effective and sustainable relationships; we immerse ourselves in your business to learn and interpret your brand before delivering it to your customers at every touch point.

Our strategic approach allows you to deliver the necessary experience and interaction your customers need to have with your brand. This encourages engagement, then desire, then purchase.

In order to fulfill this commitment, we work with you to gain a meaningful understanding of your business goals and the commercial realities you face.

We connect your strategy to your brand assets and environment.



We are BRANDPARTNERS; it’s not just our name, it’s our attitude.

Our in house team consists of consultants, project managers, creatives, specifiers, fabricators and craftsmen; together we form a melting pot of knowledge, experience and innovation.

We are passionate about the sharing of ideas and this is fuelled by the courage we have to work together to produce something extraordinary.


Our business is built on integrity and our values are the foundation for how we operate.

Clients first – We trust our team to respect our clients and know that the service we provide is for the client’s benefit first.

Integrity – This key virtue is fundamental to our success. We are a team of real people with high principles. Honesty, loyalty, respect and a win/win approach are the foundation to our ethics.

Deliver – We believe you cannot build your reputation only on what you say you’re going to do. First we listen, and then we use our experience to benefit our clients in everything we do.

Continuous improvement – We embrace change as a part of life and actively challenge the norm. This empowers us to do today what others won’t, so that tomorrow we can achieve what others can’t.

Fun – We are passionate about our business; we love to create and we celebrate the process as much as a great result. If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right!






BRANDPARTNERS has produced an Environmental ChoiceTM range of products, designed to minimise impact on the earth’s resources as far as possible. We are the first in our industry to provide this range of products that offer a greener solution for our clients.


Some examples of our Environmental Choice products are:


AURA© – An innovative and stylish installation framing system for large-format printed images from posters to billboards. Manufactured from recyclable aluminium with moulded recycled plastic end-caps it has the ability to utilise solvent-free inks when printing the billboards. Another smart Environmental Choice.

MCS® – Modular Cassette System. We pioneered ACM as a substrate and continue to lead the way with its fabrication capabilities. MCS® is a great example of fabrication that significantly reduces weight and waste, therefore is a smart Environmental Choice.

PCS® – Pylon Cassette System. With large scale structures weight and strength are a common issue. PCS® utilises lightweight modern materials cladded in a clever removable ACM system that allows easy installation and maintenance. The result is a clean looking, slim-line and strong structure that meets engineering requirements whilst offering maximum branding space. Lightweight and slim-line translates to fewer materials being used, therefore a smart Environmental Choice.

SILK® Lettering – Sleek and stylish letters and logos can be moulded into almost any shape and illuminated with low voltage and long life LED. We use SILK® widely in retail throughout Australasia as it is ideal for when space is an issue and needs to be safe enough for people who might touch it.

LED – Again, we lead the way in being the first company to roll out a large-scale LED illuminated signage solutions. Our clients save significant dollars in installation, power consumption and maintenance costs.

LATEX ink printing – BRANDPARTNERS was the first in New Zealand to procure a wide-format HP L25500 latex printer to offer its clients market-leading colour printing capability using solvent-free inks that can save up to 30% of regular ink costs. Ideal for uses such as interior and exterior posters, wall imagery, translucent glass imagery, back-lit imagery, vehicle graphics and any other brand application use you can think of. For more on wide-format latex printing please view Our Products section. Were possible we print on to recyclable HP HDPE banners.

Our Waste management:

We have a policy of investigating our operational use of products to establish which are capable of recycling.

Acrylic collected and recycled by Industrial Plastic Shapes [ IPS] Steel recycled by Metal Salvage.

Timber offcuts recycled by reusing them in our packaging and manufacture. We run EC bins throughout our factory that flow through to 3 cubic metre TransPacific recycling hoppers, so we’re saving the planet one bin at a time. These are emptied 3 times a week.

Our landfill waste hoppers are 2/3 the size of our recycling hoppers and they are only emptied once a week.

Our office procedures support the soft filing of documents to lessen the need to print hard copies.

Paint recycling – Compressed air separation of the paint and thinners. Thinners are re-used as solvent cleaning and the raw paint is recycled by TransPacific.

We use biodegradable corn starch packaging plastics and our office paper is shredded and re-used as packing for fragile goods..

Furthermore we label the EC products in our customer product specifications to inform them of the recyclable status.