A single idea for improving customer experience at Noel Leeming triggered a major redesign and proved that taking a holistic view can have a marked effect on the bottom line…

When Noel Leeming Wairau Park wanted a new TV feature wall in its store, little did it know the idea would prompt a rethink of its entire television space and result in a highly successful redesign rolling out across 39 other outlets.

The Noel Leeming team wanted the wall to showcase different television picture technologies to help consumers compare them more easily. Their discussions with BRANDPARTNERS around how to achieve this coincided with a Noel Leeming customer survey on television purchasing and BRANDPARTNERS saw an opportunity for valuable insights.

BRANDPARTNERS Account Manager for Noel Leeming, Andrew Holt, says the results revealed where the customer was at in their TV-buying process when they came to Noel Leeming and their five key considerations when purchasing, namely: price, picture quality, screen size, smart functionality, and the fact specific brand was of low importance.

This holistic view of the customer’s purchasing journey gave BRANDPARTNERS an understanding of how the entire TV zone could better serve the full spectrum of customers’ needs. The redesign also dovetailed with a brand change for Noel Leeming around customer-centricity and added value.

“We also wanted to make it really easy for the sales staff,” says Andrew Holt. “…to take customers on a journey inside the area and soft-sell as to price comparisons and technology. For all our customers it’s about, ‘How do we engage their customers?’”

With a tv zone already a ‘noisy’ space – visually and literally – BRANDPARTNERS’ concept was to clear the clutter and make the TV zone more effective.

“We started by opening the space visually,” explains BRANDPARTNERS Creative Director, Chris Norris. “That meant putting smaller TVs at the front to clear sightlines to the bigger screens at the back and to the new picture comparison wall, which was the focal point.
The televisions were arranged in short aisles, from lowest RRP in the centre to more expensive on the outer edges, creating layers of product. This allowed a simple up-sell into higher value and higher price.”

Chris says specials were deliberately left in their original position to highlight the discount available, rather than grouping them. Signage denoting ‘Big, Bigger, Biggest’ on crisp white aisle indicators was a playful way of signalling increasing screen size as the customer moved through the space.

“We’d done the research and then positioned the product in a way that reflected our knowledge of where the customer is at,” explains Andrew. Throughout the process, BRANDPARTNERS was constantly engaged with all the stakeholders to ensure a smooth path. With the concept approved, BRANDPARTNERS then designed, developed, engineered and produced everything required and oversaw the installation logistics.

“It’s the turn-key aspect,” says Andrew. “We connected the strategy to the environment and then produced all the elements to deliver it physically.”

The boost in sales results was immediate and saw the new TV zone design installed in 39 other stores. Noel Leeming Store Development and Visual Experience Manager, Justin Lowe, described the retail results as “a great success”.

“BRANDPARTNERS challenged our thinking to consider the big picture, while also considering each interaction our customers have with our brand,” he says. “It added a huge amount of value to our strategy.”














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